Hi! I’m Jessica Comstock. I’m currently a sophomore at Drake University studying Magazine Media and Politics with a minor in Economics. When I talk about what I’m studying, I often receive the typical wow. that’s a lot of different things. how did that happen?

Here’s the breakdown of how I became interested in all the wildly different areas I’m studying:

Magazine Media

I’ve always loved stories. Reading was one of my first passions in life; I once read a novel while skateboarding up and down my hallway at home as a child. When I was 11, I picked up my brother’s high school yearbook and was enthralled. I loved the design, the stories, and the way that it honored hundreds of peoples’ lives throughout a school year. Naturally, I joined yearbook the first moment I could. Since then, I’ve found myself looking for the special story within the average person. Since coming to college, I’ve designed for Drake Mag and written for Drake Political Review.


I came to Drake University because I loved their journalism program, but a large part of what intrigued me was the Iowa Caucus. Being in Des Moines prior to the 2020 Caucus allowed me to see (and meet) about a dozen presidential candidates. In just a few months I became obsessed with elections, political figures, public opinion, and partisanship. It’s clearly not “politics as usual” these days, but that’s something I’ve grown to love learning the inner-workings of.


While I loved reading and writing growing up, I always had a very strong inclination towards math. It wasn’t until I was 16 until I could admit that I am truly a math person at my core. I know, I know. A math person. But I’ve always loved the idea that problems can be solved and ideas can be proven with hard numbers. I looked into Economics as a way to combine my love of numbers and my passion for politics.

So…. what else is there to know about me?

I try to live as environmentally friendly as I can. I’ve been vegetarian for five years (that’s a quarter of my life, by the way!), and I’m currently the Communications Chair for Drake Environmental Action League. I also love a good houseplant (don’t we all?)

Jessica Comstock and three friends at the Iowa Steak Fry in 2019 under a sign that reads Be A Climate Voter.

I grew up in Sycamore, Illinois, a small town just about 2 hours west of Chicago. Because of growing up in a small rural town with little to do, I can always find a way to entertain myself, whether that be driving in circles around town, waking my cat up from a nap, buying everything from Target’s dollar section, or learning how to make my own cold brew.

Feel free to contact me!