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When I’m in the market for a few new plants, whether it’s for myself or for an upcoming holiday gift, I like to scour the internet for inspiration. Luckily, there’s a large amount of houseplant content to find online– especially on Instagram. “Plant Moms” fill their corner of the platform with decor inspiration, plant tips and tricks, and all the insta-worthy shots of their houseplants. Here’s ten different plant Instagrammers for you to follow to get all the plant content filling your feed.

1. @plantkween

A self-proclaimed “Plant Kween,” Christopher is a black queer blogger based in Brooklyn, NY. Her instagram is full of greenery and each caption is filled with inspiration regarding mental health, life struggles, and personal development as well as plant information and tips. If you follow Christopher, you’re bound to get a post in your feed to brighten your day.

2. @olivra.homedecor

This account is perfect for anyone who wants to find some inspiration for utilizing plants as home decor. The owner of the account actually has three separate instagram accounts. The two others, @olivra.houseplants and @olivra.cactussucculents focus specifically on the plants themselves. This home decor account, however, features all the insta-worthy, plant-filled apartments you could imagine.

3. @myplantcollection_

For those trying to cut through the fluff of Instagram and strictly want to see some plants and the tips for growing them, this account is perfect. Each post features a photo of a plant, or a collection of plants. Cecelia, the woman who runs the account, is active in responding to questions about the plants featured, and her followers can often be seen answering questions in the comments as well.

4. @dori_the_plant_whisperer

Dori is based in Germany, and fills her instagram with greenery and a healthy mix between decor and lifestyle. She’s definitely on the mystical side of plant Instagram, and her photos are full of mystic, bohemian decor. Her account is great for those who want more than your basic decor inspiration.

5. @dancelstudio

For those of us who already follow too many plant accounts, this account is run by Danii Pollehn, a freelance illustrator who focuses on plant and flower illustrations. Her feed is full of illustrations of a wide variety of houseplants, and if you love her art, she sells many of her prints on her Etsy account for you to display in your own home.


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